Terms & Conditions.


Unacceptable Conduct

Conduct or content deemed unacceptable may be considered grounds for immediate suspension or termination of all accounts held by the individual, corporation, or website associated with this conduct.

1. Spamming

Sending unsolicited email "SPAM" messages, including, without limitation, commercial advertising and informational announcements, is explicitly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to send out unsolicited email from any other network that advertises, promotes or in any way points to a location inside MIRICAM Technologies. In addition, MIRICAM Technologies's customers, and customers of MIRICAM Technologies customers or any downstream customers, are prohibited from sending and shall not allow their connection to MIRICAM Technologies to be used for sending UBE/UCE. Mail senders are required to maintain records that verify, on a case by case basis, that explicit affirmative permission was obtained from recipients before mailing. Lack of such records can be considered, at MIRICAM Technologies's sole discretion, proof that permission was not obtained.System and Network Security. DIRECT OR ATTEMPTED VIOLATIONS OF THE POLICY, AND ACTUAL OR ATTEMPTED VIOLATIONS BY A THIRD PARTY ON BEHALF OF AN MIRICAM TECHNOLOGIES'S CUSTOMER OR A CUSTOMER'S END USER, SHALL BE CONSIDERED VIOLATIONS OF THE POLICY BY SUCH CUSTOMER OR END USER.

2. Network Unfriendly or Illegal Activity

Attempts, whether successful or not, to gain access to any other system or users' private data without express consent of the user. Attempts to interfere with the regular workings of MIRICAM Technologies's systems or network connections or which adversely affect the ability of other people or systems to use MIRICAM Technologies's services or the Internet.

Any unauthorized attempts by a user to gain access to any account not belonging to that user on this or any other of MIRICAM Technologies's systems Any activity, which violates any local, Provincial, or Federal Law, as well as U.S., or international law or regulation.

3. Violation of MIRICAM Technologies Policy

Any attempt to bypass or remove MIRICAM Technologies's name, logo, or customer support link. Failure to fulfill access or services sold to customer in either a trial transaction, regular transaction, or recurring transaction. The posting, display, or advertising of any image using a chat host or chat hosts under the age of 18 years anywhere on the site whether the chat hosts are clothed or unclothed. Marketing the site utilizing content including words describing under age content or any other words, images, or descriptions that would lead someone to believe that the chat hosts are less than 18 years of age is not permitted anywhere on venue including the URL and meta tags.

Any attempt to display, sell, or transfer materials that violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, right of publicity, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything obscene, libelous or threatening.

Reproduction or transmission of any material in violation of any local, Provincial, or Federal Law, as well as U.S., or international law or regulation. is prohibited. MIRICAM Technologies makes every attempt in such cases to work with both local and foreign law enforcement agencies to provide information about the providers and purchasers of such material. This includes the posting or display of any image or wording instructing users how to make or perform devices or situations that may violate any provincial, federal, or international law.

Websites must comply with the 18 U.S.C. 2257. Clients must determine their legal responsibility to and method of complying with 18 U.S.C. 2257 where required to do so.

Any attempt to mislead the consumer as to the site's content or actual initial or recurring pricing of the venue.

Licensee shall allow its clients (the end-user of the service) to contact Licensor for support. Failure of Licensee to provide timely support or Licensee's inability to provide support to end-users in an effective manner is a major concern to Licensor as it may lead to dissatisfaction with end-users, and Licensor shall provide support as required for the satisfactory operation of Licensee's website.

4. MIRICAM Technologies's Right to Cancel

In the event Licensee's account is suspended for unacceptable conduct or suspicion of fraud, all billing clients of Licensee may be cancelled and all monies held for a period of six months to one year. In addition, MIRICAM Technologies reserves the right, where feasible, to implement technical mechanisms, which prevent the occurrences listed above. Furthermore, MIRICAM Technologies is under no obligation to notify client of its actions, however, MIRICAM Technologies will notify Licensee where notification does not impede or compromise any ongoing investigation into the alleged unacceptable conduct or suspicion of fraud.

Cooperation with Authorities: MIRICAM Technologies reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement and other authorities in investigating claims of illegal activity including, but not limited to, illegal transfer or availability of copyrighted material, trademarks, illegal content, postings or E-mail containing threats of violence or other illegal activity.

Other: MIRICAM Technologies accepts no responsibility for any illegal use or misuse of its services. At our own discretion, MIRICAM Technologies may refuse access to any end user (chat customer), as well as to any performer (chat model, broadcaster or similar) for any reason whatsoever.