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Broadcast your webcam on your website!
Charge what you like, and receive tips too! Get it now, Free!.

You know there's nothing like making your own money & on your own terms. You have a fan base you've worked hard for. Why send them to a 3rd party website to chat with you when they could videochat with you directly on your own website instead?

Miricam Pro is a FREE Video-Chat and Payment Processing Solution for adult solo-models who want to provide video chat services to their clients for per-minute profits & tips. That's right, Free!

How it works:

Miricam Pro is small package of files that you copy to your website. The package includes HTML files that display your video, chat and related related functions. The package comes ready to use, and you can customize it to look the way you want too with your own logo, colors and layout.

General Features

  • Runs on your own website
  • Very easy to install
  • Charge anything you want
  • Desktop, Laptop and Mobile device support
  • Accept Tips & Tributes
  • Responsive, easy to customize design

Why Miricam?

Other video-chat programs either cost alot of money, or share your content with other websites, or to place other webcam models on your site. Even worse, to sign-over your domain to them. In our opinion, all of these rules are ridiculous. How do you control your own image and your brand with rules like these?

For cam-models, by cam-models

Miricam Pro was written specifically for webcam models in the adult industry who are not interested in working for anyone else for a lousy commission, but instead want to earn their own money, on their own website and under their own brand. Miricam Pro is not like any other webcam program. With Miricam, You retain 100% of your customer base, data, and content. .

Video Features:

  • High quality, real-time video with no lag or delay
  • 2 Way Video Support
  • Stream to unlimited users - no limits!
  • Full Screen Support
  • Send & Receive video from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones

Broadcast to your users from any Windows PC or Apple Mac to your customers on any device. Broadcast from mobile devices too! Miricam Pro Works with all popular browsers, so there is no extra software or app to download. Just login and make money!

Getting your users on to Miricam Pro is fast and simple. The login system gets them in via any username and password they choose, or via their social media accounts like Twitter. User levels let you easily manage "beggars" while simultaneously giving your paying customers more of what they need.

Getting Paid

Your customers pay you for your time via credit card or debit card. Payment processing is built-in. All sales are processed in real time and reported to you instantly. Payments are made directly to your bank account each Wednesday at midnight eastern time for all sales up to the previous friday. Funds appear within your account 24 hours (US and Canada), and usually within 48 hours for most other countries. All funds are in USD.

Payment Schedule

Gross Sales Per Week
Payout Rate & Bonus
$100 to $5,000
$5,001 to $10,000
$10,001 and more

Each week begins Saturday at 00:00:00 eastern time, and ends Friday night at 23:59:59. Payouts are issued the following Wednesday at midnight eastern time for the previous work week.

Try Miricam Now. It's completely free to use.

Have questions? Email us at [email protected] or call +1 (438) 800-0249. Canadian and US clients may call toll free at +1 (866) 892-5122